Is Jacob McGarry the Nicest Ninth-Grader?

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IMG_0249Jacob McGarry is the secretary of the class of 2018. He enjoys playing the guitar, takes all honors classes, and is a member of the German Club.  McGarry loves to play the guitar outside of school and loves the interesting sound. The guitar is in McGarry’s favorite group of instruments.

McGarry enjoys the arts and thinks they are very interesting to study. He is involved with student council as a class secretary. To him, he loves to contribute to the school and tries to get things done. Being secretary means a lot to him; he feels it is a very strong position while advising the president.

“Jake’s a good person and a very mature leader,” ninth-grader Noah Reitnauer said.

McGarry takes high-ability classes. He chose to take them because he loves being challenged, which helps him to understand things better.

“He’s the smartest person I know. We play Xbox together,” ninth-grader Onel Santiago said.

McGarry is a member of the German club, and his favorite thing about the club is seeing the similarities and differences between English and German.

“I find the German language fascinating and different,” McGarry said.

In eighth grade, McGarry ran track and field.

“Jake is good, and he is really nice, especially when he is in class and he tries to help everyone who needs it,” ninth-grader Nicholas Snyder said.

When McGarry is older, his goals are either to become an engineer or forensic psychologist. He loves science and chemistry, which benefit an engineer. Also, being an engineer benefits society. He thinks the study of psychology is interesting.

“He’s a nice guy, but he’s really quiet most of the time,” ninth-grader Zach Slusser said.

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