Random Cheese: What is your favorite food?

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Photo used with permission from (c) Anne Hornyak

Photo used with permission from (c) Anne Hornyak

This week’s random cheese is all about Fleetwood students’ favorite foods. Ten Fleetwood students were asked what their favorite food was, and here is what they said:

Junior Reilly Smith said, “I like cereal.”

Junior Miah Maldonado said, “I would definitely say tacos from Taco Bell.”

Senior Austin Hottenstein said, “Bacon is my favorite.”

Senior Matt Hook said, “I love bananas.”

Junior Julia Pickar said, “Um, I like chicken nuggets.”

Sophomore Zach Heller said, “My favorite food would probably be an Italian sub.”

Junior Tyler Strunk said, “Pizza.”

Senior Joe Kinek said, “Lasagna because I’m Italian.”

Sophomore Mark Pabon said, “Fried chicken.”

Sophomore Matt Roberts said, “Hot wings.”

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