Neiman Named Teacher of the Month for October

Posted on October 28, 2014 by

IMG_0176Jennifer Neiman was awarded teacher of the month for the month of October by her colleagues at the Fleetwood Area High School. Neiman teaches chemistry to juniors and seniors.

“Neiman is really cool and cares a lot about the kids that she teaches,” science teacher Mark Coassolo said.

Neiman does a lot of activities for the school. She helps students before and after school every day. She is a co-adviser for both the student council and the sophomore class. She is also the leader teacher of the raise program. Neiman tries to attend all sporting events and chaperones dances as well.

“Ms. Neiman has been a wonderful apprenticeship leader and has taken charge of making sure we succeed with its implementation,” English teacher Zachary Steven Houp said.

Neiman graduated from Delaware Valley College in 2001. She owned her own dairy farm while working at East Penn Manufacturing Co. She has worked at Fleetwood for nine years.

“I like Neiman’s attitude and the way she teaches,” junior Miah Maldonado said.

Neiman is not married but has been dating her boyfriend Scot for nine years. In her spare time, she loves to go to yoga and milk cows at her friend’s farm. With her boyfriend, she likes to get ice-cream at Candy’s homemade ice-cream and Italian ice.

”I love the whole idea of learning and watching and helping people learn,” Neiman said.

She has two turtles, named Righty and Lefty, and a fish named Fishy. Her dad and aunt both worked as teachers, and her mom taught at a college.

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