Fantasy Football Fires up Fleetwood Students

Posted on November 10, 2014 by

Fantasy football has become very popular throughout the past few years. Fleetwood Area High School seems to enjoy getting involved with it as well.

Fantasy football is basically this: you pick what league you want to play in; then you go through and pick the players you want to have on your team. The players you pick can be from any team in the league in which you are playing. You earn points based on how the players you pick do that week in their games.

“I look forward to fantasy football every year. It’s fun getting a group of my buddies to join the league and have a little competition. Every year, I try to get Antonio Brown. He’s a wide receiver for the Steelers, and he never lets me down,” Fleetwood graduate Clay Weidemoyer said.

“I hate losing, especially to my dad and brother. I like fantasy football because you can pick your players and have your own little team of the players you like and the players you picked,” junior Jake Feick said.

Fantasy football definitely seems to get a little competitive.

“I hate when I don’t start a player, and they end up doing really well in their game. It makes me mad. Then I don’t get the points that they put up since I didn’t start them. Fantasy football, to me, is really fun.” Junior Nick Daniels said.

Some people go hard in fantasy football. There are leagues out there that require you to put $200 in just to join the league. There are some negatives and positives to putting a lot of money in to join the league. The negative is that, if you lose, you don’t get any of your money back, and the positive is that, if you end up winning your league, you could win some money.

“I really have no idea who the players are that I pick, but it’s still fun to join a league with some of my guy friends and act like I know what I’m doing. I don’t play for money; I just do it for fun,” senior Lizzay Faust said.

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