PSATs Helpful for SAT Success

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SATs are taken each year by high school students around the country. S.A.T. stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test.

The SATs are a way to test a student’s academic skills.  The ultimate scores are then used for admissions to get into colleges.

“I think PSATs are really stressful because I want to get into a good college. If I don’t get a high score, then I can’t get into as good of a college as I would want,” junior Riley Smith said.

“I’m a little stressed out about these tests. They mean a lot to colleges, especially the one I am looking into,” junior Olivia Allison said.

If you are interested, there are also practice tests for the SATs. A practice SAT test is identical to the SATs, but it does not count. It gives you a feel for them and what it would be like. It would also show the score you would have earned if you would have taken the SATs.

“I took the PSATs last year, and they were helpful to me,” junior Lexi Roach said.

“The PSATS gave me an idea of what is going to be on the SATS, so that’s helpful. It gave me an idea of what I should study for the real tests,” Alison said.

Why should someone take the SATs? Most colleges accept test scores for selecting students in their programs. SAT scores are also another way you could be offered a scholarship to fund your college education.

There is no specific eligibility requirement to take the exam. It is expected that you have a high school education before taking the exam.

Students can sign up and take the test even if they are homeschooled.  Individuals are supposed to carry photo identification with them to be able to take the test. A license, a school ID, or even a valid passport works.  If you are twenty-one years old, you will need to carry a valid passport or national ID that has your picture to the test center. There is no other ID that would be accepted at the test center.

It does not matter what types of grades you have going into the exam. However, colleges do look at high school grades in addition to exam scores.

There are many students who take the exam, and the competition to getting into a good college is getting tougher every day.

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