Random Profile: Nicole Rohall Cheers for Fleetwood

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Nicole Rohall is a freshman here at Fleetwood. She enjoys cheerleading and has been doing it ever since she was eleven-years-old. She has tried other sports, but there was nothing she liked participating in more than cheerleading, so that is what she has continued doing.

During Rohall’s years of cheerleading, she has competed in three competitions. Two out of three of the competitions she won first place, and the last competition her team and she came in second place.

“It was very exciting for my team and I to win a competition!” Rohall said.

Rohall has made many new friends and memories throughout her years of cheerleading. She is glad that she became a cheerleader when she did. Nicole is hoping to always have time for cheerleading, and she also hopes that she is able to cheer for the rest of high school and maybe afterwards as well.

Being a freshman, Nicole thinks that being on the high school cheer team is very entertaining. She has met a lot of girls who are upperclassmen.  They help her improve in all the ways to become a better cheerleader.

Nicole definitely enjoys being a cheerleader, cheering, and supporting her peers at Fleetwood Area High School.

“I wouldn’t want to cheer for anyone else but the Tigers!” Rohall said.

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