Ronaldo and Messi on Pace to Break Champions League Record

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Every soccer fan compares Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. They are the two best soccer players in the world right now. They both have been performing their best over the last couple of years, doing things the game has never seen before.

Both of these players deserve to be discussed. However, the discussion coming into this season is, Who is going to be first to break the Champions League scoring record of 71 goals?

The former Real Madrid star captain Raul has the record of 71 Champions League goals. Everyone knew this year in the competition that one of these two players was going to break the record. It could very well be both of them. Ronaldo stands at 70 after netting one in the first leg of the Liverpool match.

Ronaldo then had another glorious chance in the second leg against Liverpool but failed to convert. He left it to Lionel Messi to beat him to tying the record. Lionel Messi and Barcelona would take on Ajax. Messi netted both the goals for Barcelona in the 2-0 victory over Ajax. With both of these goals, Messi ties the Champions League scoring record at 71 goals.

“It is crazy to see what both of these players are doing with the game. They’re both two greats,” senior Wyatt Pennsinger said.

It took Messi ninety Champions League games to net 71 goals. Ronaldo has netted 70 in 106 games for Real Madrid. But, it took Raul 142 games to set the record of 71 goals.

As the Champions League is only in Group Stage right now, Ronaldo and Messi are both on pace to easily break the record. It will be great to see which player sets the new record after the Champions League.

“It [stinks] seeing them always being compared. Everyone knows they are both the best two players in the game, so just sit back and enjoy what they bring to the game,” junior Hunter Zagorski said.

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