Murray Is Having His Best Season Yet

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Demarco Murray is on pace to have his best season yet. The Dallas Cowboys’ star running back has just over one thousand rushing yards this season. As long as Murray can stay off of the injury list, he will put up great numbers. This year, Murray is standing out.

Murray is averaging five yards per carry. With his 1,133 yards, he is already on pace to easily put up some great numbers. Murray opened up the first eight games with over one hundred yards rushing. Demarco Murray is on pace to beat Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record.

“It is always nice to watch any player when they have a breakout season” senior Matt Hook said.

Dallas is undefeated when giving the ball to Demarco Murray twenty plus times a game. However, when Tony Romo missed week nine due to two back fractures, Murray was held to under twenty carries and one hundred yards.

During the loss, Murray was handed the ball nineteen times and only rushed for seventy-nine yards. As you can tell, the Cowboys are dominant when Murray is getting the ball and Romo is healthy. The Cowboys are hoping to have Romo return as soon as possible, even if he needs to play through a bit of pain. Dallas stands at 6-3 this season.

“Tony Romo is a big part of the Cowboys’ offense,” junior Sam Lerch said.

Demarco Murray has been one of the best rushers in the league. When he stays off the injury list, he can be very dominant. The Dallas Cowboys running back is set to break several team records and the all-time rushing record.

“The Cowboys will make a deep playoff run if Murray continues his dominance,” senior Tyler Emge said.
“But I still think the Cowboys will choke, as they always find a way to.”

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