Random Cheese: What is Your Favorite Month and Why?

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Photo used with permission from (c) Anne Hornyak

Photo used with permission from (c) Anne Hornyak

Thirteen random students were surveyed what their favorite month is. Here are their answers and why:

“I like December because it’s cold, and my birthday is that month,” freshman Chantel Cobb said.

“Definitely June, because school’s out!” freshman Hunter Smith said.

“My favorite month is October because it’s my birthday,” junior Mohammed Jalloh said.

“October is the best because of the weather,” sophomore Kirsten Noll said.

“August is my favorite because it’s summer and the beginning of soccer season,” senior Michael Wamsher said.

“I like July. It’s my birthday month, and it’s warm,” sophomore Haley Schneider said.

“June. It’s my birthday,” junior Miah Maldonado said.

“December. It’s very cold, and I like the cold,” sophomore Sam D’orsi said.

“I like May because it’s beginning to get warm, and it’s also my birthday,” sophomore Mina Isaac said.

“I like December. It’s my birthday and Christmas time,” sophomore Alex Andre said.

“November. It’s Thanksgiving, and I love food,” senior R.J. Mulgrew said.

“I like February because it’s the month of love,” senior Brian Zimmerman said.

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