Snow Ball 2014 Looking Cool

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Christmas is a time for many social events and parties. This year, Fleetwood Area High School will be hosting the holiday ball, which is going to be known this “Snow Ball.”

The Snow Ball will be held this 13 December in the high school cafeteria. Tickets will be sold for $15.00 after Thanksgiving break.

After you buy your tickets, hold on to them and make sure to bring them to the Snow Ball to be able to get into the dance. Tickets will be checked by teachers at the front of the gymnasium.

This is a formal dance, so participants have to wear formal attire to Snow Ball.

“Holiday ball is a lot of fun. I would really suggest people go and show up this year,” senior student council member Blane Scanlan said.

“Everyone should go to the holiday ball. There will be food and maybe even a photo booth and a snow cone machine,” sophomore student council member Joey Moyer said.

“I’m going this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s going to be like,” junior Lizzie Geesey said.

“I’m excited to dance and have a fun time. I went last year, and all of my friends and I had fun. I really hope there is a chocolate fountain because I love chocolate,” junior Olivia Allison said.

There will be different kinds of music and many unique decorations hung up.

The decorations will be tied in with the theme. There will be fake snowflakes and snow, along with decorated Christmas trees.

Some of the hallways of the school have already been decorated for the dance.

“Everyone should get excited because there is going to be a chocolate fountain,” senior Sarah Herrara said.

“I’m excited for Snow Ball. I can’t wait to see the photo booth if there is one. I’m also excited to see the decorations because, every year, I want student council always make the cafeteria look cool,” junior Lexi Roach said.

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