Miss Honduras Missing

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On 16 November 2014, two teenage girls went missing from Tegucigalpa. Maria Jose Alverado was one of the teenage girls. She had won Miss Honduras 2014. Maria’s sister, Sofia, was also reported missing on the same date.

Neither of the girls have been seen or heard from since 13 November after attending Plutaraco Ruiz, Sofia’s boyfriend’s, birthday party together.

Unfortunately, early this week, both Maria, 19, and Sofia, 23, were found dead. Maria was scheduled to fly to the ‘Miss World’ pageant and was found dead just days before.

There were only four people who saw them before their deaths. Two of those people include Sofia’s boyfriend and Aris Maldonado. According to the BBC, there is also a protected witness. The BBC is reporting that weapons were seized from the two men.

Maria and Sofia’s bodies were found near River Aguagua. Honduras is statistically the most dangerous country in the world. About ninety out of ever 100,000 people are murdered in the Central American nation.

According to USA Today, both girls were shot to death. Sofia’s boyfriend pleaded guilty to the killings and led police to their bodies. He claimed it was “an act of passion sparked by jealousy.”

“I don’t think that was right of him to do.  He should have just talked to them about their issues,” junior Sam Lerch said.

Ruiz and Maldonado admitted to trying to bury the bodies so they would decompose. Ruiz tried to kill Sofia first and then proceeded to kill Maria when she tried to flee.

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