FAHS Students Obsessed with “Trivia Crack”

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Trivia Crack has become very popular in Fleetwood Area High School. It is a common sight to see students playing the game in class, particularly when they aren’t supposed to be. It is a trivia game that awards players ‘crowns’ when four questions are answered correctly in a row. It can be played against friends or random people.

“My girlfriend made me get the game, and it’s rather addicting. I’m pretty good at it and enjoy [beating her badly],” former Fleetwood student Clay Weidemoyer said.

In the app store, it has four-and-a-half stars and a lot of great reviews. It first came out 16 October 2014. Around the beginning of December, it seemed to become very popular within the school. It is trending in most recent searches.

“I think it is an addicting game. I’m positive in my wins right now, and I enjoy defeating @frusty7,” senior Tyler Rapposelli said.

How the game works is, you are given an opponent and spin a wheel.  You get trivia questions based on which category you land on. There are seven different categories on which you can land. These categories include science, history, sports, art, entertainment, geography, and a crown. If you land on a crown or get three correct answers in a row, you get a chance to win a crown. Winning six crowns or having the most crowns after twenty-five rounds wins the game.

Winning the game help you to win coins. The coins help you out if you are stuck on a problem. Extra time, bombs, double chances, and skips all do different things to the answers. For example, the bomb eliminates two of the incorrect answers, and two answers are left to choose from. You get thirty seconds to pick the right answer, or you get it wrong.

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