Meet German Teacher Frau Moll

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Here at Fleetwood Area High School, students have an optional German language class taught by Frau Christine Moll.

In addition, a German club helps to enrich the German curriculum through cultural events.

“I wanted to be the Garman Club advisor to bring the curriculum alive for all interested students at Fleetwood,” Moll said.  “I’ve always enjoyed working with young people, and I like studying German. I learned German in school for seven years.”

Frau Moll has visited Germany many times: once when she took a trip with Girl Scouts when she was sixteen years old, and again when she studied abroad at Philipps Universität Marburg her junior year in high school.  She has also been back many times to visit friends.

She would like to take her husband and children with her on a trip to Germany.

Her favorite German food is called Käsespätzle. Käsespätzle consists of six easy and simple ingredients.

Moll describes it as Macaroni and Cheese, but southern Germany-style.

She has been teaching for 15 years and loves her job.

In her free time, she really enjoys to read a lot wherever she goes, and she enjoys finding new books.

Moll plans to be the German Club advisor again for next year and for many more years to come.

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