Lacy Death a Suicide or Lynching?

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Lennon Lacy, a seventeen-year-old from North Carolina, was found dead at a neighborhood park. He was found hung from the frame of a playground swing. Reporters and investigators originally suspected suicide but eventually changed their minds. Lacy’s mom disagreed with the prospect of suicide, saying her son would never do such a thing. She believes it was “lynching.” Lynching is when a mob of people violently hang someone.

Lennon Lacy had asthma and was recommended to exercise at night once the temperatures dropped. He was an active teenager playing football for his high school. His was last seen by his family walking out the door for a night run. Medical documents reported that his body was covered in fire ants when found the next morning.

As soon as Lacy’s mom was called, she did not believe it was an act of suicide. She believed it was foul play. Lennon’s brother does not believe he committed suicide either. CNN reports show Lennon’s brother Pierre saying, “He may have been strangled somewhere else and been placed there, or he was hung there while people watched him die.”

Lennon had a girlfriend and was focused on her and football. His girlfriend and he shared quite an age difference. She was a white thirty-one year old and Lennon’s neighbor. Some of the people in his community did not like that they were dating. There is speculation about Lennon being killed due of his interracial relationship.

Lennon’s mother reported that the belt used to hang her son did not belong to him, and neither did the shoes he was wearing. His mom says she will continue to fight to figure out who killed her son until she has answers.

The FBI has now become involved and is trying to figure out what happened to this teen.

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