Heffner Is December’s Teacher of the Month

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Congratulations to Mrs. Dina Heffner for being selected for teacher of the month in December. The faculty and staff vote on who gets teacher of the month.

“No, I don’t think I am old or wise enough to be selected! It’s such an honor. I thought more experienced faculty members would be nominated. I’m honored by it, though, since I was nominated by my peers,” Heffner said

Heffner attended Cedar Crest College. She teaches seven classes throughout her day. Two periods of Consumer Economics, two classes of Economics, two classes of American History II, and one elective, World War II through Film and Literature. In the second semester, she will also teach AP Macroeconomics.

“I like how she is very cool with her kids and she is a great teacher. Also, she’s very easy to talk to. Her class always goes so fast because she makes it enjoyable and fun,” senior Brian Zimmerman said.

Mrs. Heffner’s favorite food would be mac ‘n’ cheese, but not out of the box! Her favorite drink is coffee or any type of coffee beverages, like Lattes. Her favorite place to eat would be Viva.

“Mrs. Heffner is rather witty, and I enjoy her. Heffdog is also very passionate about her career, and I can stand for all the students when I say we appreciate it a lot,” senior Lizzay Faust said.

Mrs. Heffner seems to be well-liked throughout the school between the faculty and the student body. She’s a very hard worker and always keeps the class full of energy!

“She is very funny and always keeps the class interesting,” senior Ashley Diehm said.

“I love when she stays cool by saying things us students say,” senior Tyler Emge said.

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