Random Cheese: Who Is Your Favorite FAHS Teacher?

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Photo used with permission from (c) Anne Hornyak

Photo used with permission from (c) Anne Hornyak

Sophomore Zack Hadeed said, “Mrs. Castiglioni, because she is wonderful… and a fantastic friend.”

“Mrs. Hilbert, because she’s chill and I like her class,” freshman Jacob Wildermuth said.

Freshman Sahamshlia Rodriguez said, “Ms. Schlott, because she is sweet and cool.”

“Mr. Farr, because he is really a cool teacher,” sophomore Ounor Mosley said.

Junior Kayla Musitano said, “Mrs. Wilkinson, because she is so amazing, and I can come to her for anything.”

“Mrs. Ackerman, because she is a good teacher and makes learning fun,” sophomore Halie Leader said.

Freshman Justin Hawkins said, “Mr. Palacz, because he is a gym teacher, and I love gym class.”

“Mrs. Wilkinson, because she is funny and relatable,” sophomore Rayanna Celmer said.

Senior Levi Gieringer said, “Mr. Houp, because he’s cool.”

Freshman Kayla Randazzo said,”Mr Weiss, because he’s funny and understanding.”

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