Tyler Emge Inducted into Fleetwood Hall of Fame

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Tyler Emge was inducted into Fleetwood’s Hall of Fame. He is number 32 and the running back of the varsity football team. Emge has been playing football since he was five-years-old.

“I’m proud of my brother and hope to follow in his footsteps,” freshman Luke Emge said.

Emge’s running yards are well above the national average, with a total of 1881 yards this season. His average rushing yards are 6.9. Emge has an excellent record for high school football.

Tyler is en route to play football in college. In 2014, he had many college visits. Some of the recruiting trips were at Villanova, University of Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh.

He has been given offers from Bryant, Wagner, Duquesne, and multiple PSAC schools. As of now, he is undecided.

“Being in the hall of fame is like the feeling you get when you eat a lemon,” senior Tyler Emge said.

Tyler has three younger brothers. One of his brothers, Luke Emge is in ninth grade, and the other two are in seventh grade. Besides playing football, he also plays baseball in the spring.

“Football has always been my favorite sport, so I’m excited to play in college,” Emge said.

In his senior year of football, Tyler has a total of 138 points made by touchdowns. Mr. Emge, Tyler’s dad, has coached and played college football. Football has always been a main sport in the Emge household.

“I think my linemen deserve to be in the hall of fame because they are the reason I ran for 2000 yards this year,” Emge said.  “One thing I will miss is playing football with my brothers.”

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