Fifteen-Year-Old Girl Murders Brother

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A fifteen-year-old girl in White Springs, Florida shot her sixteen-year-old brother to death. She suffered years of abuse, including being locked in a room for weeks at a time with only a blanket and a bucket to relieve herself in, according to police reports and interviews.

On Monday, the fifteen-year-old girl was locked in her room by her brother, police said. After the boy fell asleep, she talked her eleven-year-old sister into unlocking her door. The older girl knew her parents kept a pistol in their room, but they had locked their door. The girl went outside and used a knife to remove an air conditioner from her parent’s bedroom window. She climbed in while her eleven-year-old sister kept watch and grabbed the gun out of a pink bag and loaded it.

“You have to wonder what was going through that head of hers,” senior Frankie Talarico said.

The girl went back inside the house, telling her young sisters to get in the closet. She turned her head and fired at her sleeping brother in the living room.  He screamed “Help! Help!” After the murder, she fled with her eleven-year-old sister and was later picked up not too far from the house.

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