Two Police Officers Shot in New York City

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On 6 January 2015, two men were in custody for the shooting of two police officers in New York City. The plain-clothed officers were shot responding to a robbery Monday night. The two that started the shoot-out were found and charged for their crime.

“I hate hearing about this kind of thing,” sophomore Megan Majewski said.

Jason Polanco, age 24, was charged with attempted murder of a police officer, attempted murder, robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, and assault. Joshua Kemp, age 28, was charged with robbery, grand larceny, criminal possession of a weapon, and criminal possession of stolen property. One was outside of the nearby Chinese restaurant, and one of the suspects was inside of the restaurant.

The officers had gotten out of the car when the suspects opened fire. The police officers started to shoot back, and the criminals fled the scene. Polanco is seen on a surveillance camera ordering a drink before firing through the front door at Dossi and Pellerano. The same round hit Kemp before fleeing.

After he fled, Polanco carjacked two women’s cars that were later found abandoned with an empty revolver inside. There was no further information on those women. After this incident happened, Kemp made his way to the Columbia University Medical Center and gave an implausible story about being shot on Dyckman Street.

He was taken into custody at the hospital. Later that night, a man was found with a gun wound in his back, possibly believed to be connected to this case. The commissioner said the police have a video that could help them identify suspects.

The officers were hospitalized but were not considered to be life-threatening. Officer Andrew Dossi, age 30, was shot in the left arm and lower back. Aliro Pellerano, age 38, was shot in his left arm and chest. Dossi’s arm was shattered and needed surgery. He is not married but does have a daughter. They were cited for their bravery by putting themselves in harm’s way when they could have gone home instead.

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