Prom 2015 Plans Underway

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This year’s 2015 Fleetwood Area High School junior and senior prom will be held at Shady Maple.
Save the date on 8 May  for a fun and exciting night.

“I’m looking forward to prom, and I’m hoping they hire a fun D.J. so prom will have really good music,” junior Lizzie Geesey said.

Prom tickets will be sold in the cafeteria, and the tickets are looking to be $30.00 dollars each.

“We might be able to lower the price to under $30 for the prom tickets for each person,” junior Class representative Mia Barnshaw said.

Prom is looking to be held from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. The theme for prom at Shady Maple is going to be Arabian Night. Prom decorations will be based off the movie Aladdin.

“Last year at prom, I had a fun time, so I’m excited for this year,” senior Mitch Kinek said.

“I’m excited and think it’s going to be really fun. I think the theme is really cool, and I am excited to see how it looks,” junior Olivia Allison said.

“I’m just really excited to go pick out a dress and get my hair and nails done,” junior Lexi Roach said.

There will be provided transportation to prom because Shady Maple is far and some people do not want to drive themselves there.

“We are not sure yet what type of transportation will be provided yet.  Mr. Barnett and Ms. Hilbert are taking care of that.  As for right now, we have been focusing on the food, the music, and the decorations, and we will give out more details when we can,” Barnshaw said.

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