Make Your Sweetie Pavlova for Valentine’s Day

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This recipe is a great treat for Valentine’s Day. It is called Pavlova. Pavolva is a crisp white meringue layer filled with whipped cream and fresh fruit. To keep your meringue from being flat and grainy, try beating egg whites until stiff, but not until it’s dry. Also, when beating in sugar, beat in about 1 tablespoon at a time. Beat until the meringue is thick, white, and glossy.

• 4 egg whites
• 1 ¼ cups of sugar
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 1 teaspoon lemon juice
• 2 teaspoons cornstarch
• 1 pint heavy cream
• 6 kiwis, peeled and sliced

1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Draw a nine-inch circle on the parchment paper.
2. In a large bowl, beat egg whites until stiff but not dry. Gradually add in the sugar, about one tablespoon at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat until thick and glossy. Gently fold in vanilla extract, lemon juice, and cornstarch.
3. Spoon mixture inside the circle drawn on the parchment paper. Work from the center, spread mixture toward the outside edge, building edge slightly. This should leave a slight depression in the center.
4. Bake for one hour. Cool on a wire rack.
5. In a small bowl, beat heavy cream until stiff peaks form, set aside. Remove the paper, and place meringue on a flat serving plate. Fill the center of the meringue with whipped cream, and top with kiwifruit slices.

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