Sean Gaston Is Teacher of the Month for January

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The month of January was a big month for media teacher Sean D. Gaston. He was chosen to be teacher of the month by his fellow employees.

Gaston never planned on being a teacher. Movies are another passion of his. His motivation to teach his passion is contagious. He likes to wake up every morning and come to school to teach younger students about the film industry and other communications topics. He likes to help other students discover what their passion is and help that come true.

“My favorite part about being a teacher is actually teaching: being in the classroom, in front of students, discussing whatever the topic might be for that particular day or moment,” Gaston said.

He teaches Introduction to TV Media, TV Media, Film History, Conspiracy Theories, Charlie Chaplin: His life and Films, Introduction to the Holocaust Through Film and Literature, The Holocaust in American Popular Culture, Introduction to Communications, and Documentary Filmmaking.

Gaston’s main goal at the end of the school day is to prepare for the next without distractions. There is so much about one topic, the lesson could probably go on for days, so he tries to stay on track and teach a lesson in which he is truly interested.

Although his fellow employees think he deserves to be teacher of the month, Gaston himself does not think he deserves it. He thinks that, even though he loves what he does, he is still ‘new’ at this. Gaston thinks teachers who worked longer than he should be the ones who deserve it, but it feels good to be recognized by his fellow colleagues.

“It takes a very rare sort of teacher to turn a classroom project into a major motion picture, and you have to give Mr. Gaston a lot of credit for taking that kind of initiative,” English teacher Zachary Houp said.

Gaston started working at Fleetwood in 2007, so he’s been here for about eight years.

“I’m terrible at math,” Gaston said.

He started working in the film industry when he was only s sophomore in high school. He worked on the exhibition side of the business for 15 years. The last 7 to 15 years, he worked in independent film production.

For being teacher of the month, teachers receive the glass globe called “Globey” and a certificate. They do not get to keep the Globey, though, as it has to be returned for other teachers.

“I think the teacher of the month is definitely a positive thing for the faculty. It’s nice to get to know some of the things that teachers in the building are doing.  It’s also great to feel appreciated for what you do to make Fleetwood what it is,” Gaston said.

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