Meghan Sadler Fancies Fleetwood Extracurriculars

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Meghan Sadler is a junior here at Fleetwood Area High School. She is sixteen-years-old and turns seventeen in June. Meghan has one younger sibling named Derek, in seventh grade.

After high school, Meghan plans to go to college and study biology. She even wants to study abroad. She has played Field Hockey for about seven years, both for the school and outside clubs.

“My favorite part of the sport is that it challenges you to be your best and it allows you to be a part of a team,” Sadler said.

Meghan is in concert band, wind ensemble, jazz band and marching band. Her favorite subject in school is art because she finds it fun to create and design projects and try things she’s never done before. Along with her love for art, she would love to travel to Greece because of their rich culture and amazing architecture.

She likes to read and draw because it is relaxing to escape into another world. She listens to almost every kind of music. Her favorite band is Fall Out Boy, because their music pumps her up no matter how bad she is feeling.
If she could be any animal, she would be a dog.

“It would be the best to eat and sleep all day and be loved like family,” Sadler said.

Her inspiration(s) in life are her friends.

“They always make me laugh and feel better about myself. I always have a good time with them,” Sadler said.

“She is really well-rounded. She is smart, athletic, and artistic. She’s really hard-working and puts 100% into whatever she does,” junior Olivia Leenhouts said.

“She is crazy, funny, smart, and hyper. I love sitting at lunch with her and listening to her random stories from Tumblr,” junior Maddy Garcia said.

“There’s never a dull moment. I’ve known her since we were little, and we’ve been best friends since then. She has always been great to be around,” junior Hannah Brunnette said.

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