Fisher Named Teacher Of The Month

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Mrs. Charlene Fisher was rewarded teacher of the month for February. Mrs. Fisher is a Transition Coordinator. She also works as a special education teacher. She was appreciated by fellow teachers and is grateful they all chose her. She likes to garden and cook as well as help out in the community.

Fisher loves helping people. Her ordinary school day is different every day. Working with people can often lead to an unexpected day. This can present new challenges as well.

“I have no idea [why I was selected], as I am surrounded by many excellent teachers at Fleetwood High School,” Fisher said.

If she could change anything about her job it would be to start school at 8:00 and not at 7:25. Her original plan when she was in college was to become a teacher, and her wish came true. She gets to help students every day, just like she wanted to do.

“Mrs. Fisher is a wonderful addition to the special education staff.  She is very dedicated and knowledgeable, and she is a true team player.  She is truly dedicated to the students, faculty, staff and the community of Fleetwood Area High School. She goes above and beyond her role as the transition coordinator and is always willing to help out in any situation.  She is a leader within the department. We are very appreciative of her strengths and knowledge that she shares within the department, and we are honored to have her as a part of our team,” Gwynn Bollinger, Special Education Supervisor, said.

“I always loved working with and helping children.  Even when I was young, watching children get excited about learning was always the greatest feeling. I just didn’t know when I was young that the children I would be working with would be those transitioning to young adults,” Fisher said.

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