Creative Writing Class Reads To Preschoolers

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English Teacher Sarah Wilkinson took her creative writing students to St. Paul’s Lutheran pre-school in Fleetwood on 19 November 2014. Her students were broken up into four different groups to share their children’s stories with the preschoolers.

The stories they shared were ones they wrote themselves. Sophomore Abigail Flannery came up with the fun idea of taking a trip to St. Paul’s. The whole trip took about two and a half hours total.

At first, the preschoolers were very shy but also excited. As time went on and Wilkinson’s students began sharing their stories, the children loved them!

The children’s stories were all written and illustrated by the students themselves. The high school students were very proud of their hard work and dedication. They were also proud of themselves for taking the time to go share their stories with the young children.

The preschoolers seemed to appreciate it and had such a good time. Wilkinson was also very proud of her students for the field trip. She was glad that she was able to experience her students sharing their stories and seeing all of the children’s reactions to all of the stories.

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