Mother Accused of Poisoning Her Son is Found Guilty

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Lacey Spears, the mother accused of poisoning her son with salt, has been found guilty of murder.

Her son Garnett passed away last January after being hospitalized with what appeared to be the flu. When doctors discovered he had dangerously high levels of sodium in his system, they called the police.

Spears documented her son’s health issues at length on social media, from the moment he was born. Garnett struggled with mystery illnesses for which his mom sought treatment as she moved across the country.

“Making your son sick for attention is horrible,” sophomore Maya Stern said.

She gained a nationwide following and sympathy for her son.  When he died on 23 January 2014, the outpouring of condolences was overwhelming–until Spears was arrested for his murder.

Lacey loved the attention and sympathy she received from having a “sick” child.  Although Garnett did have his issues, he was not sick until his mother made him sick. Spears continues to say that she is innocent and had no reason to murder her son.

What there is evidence of, however, is a feeding bag prosecutors believe Spears used to hold the salt. She then tried to hide while she was at the hospital with her son. A neighbor told police Spears called her and told her to get rid of the bag in question. It was later tested and found to have extremely high levels of sodium.

“The woman was clearly guilty. There was more than enough evidence supporting that fact. Her search history showed results leading to tests dealing with sodium. How she was not convicted or found guilty until now amazes me,” sophomore Logan Carbaugh said.

Spears’s Internet search history showed that she had been looking up the dangers of sodium. As an infant, Garnett was treated for salt poisoning. She is still trying to prove her innocence despite the evidence.

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