Another NHL Trade Deadline Passes

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The NHL trade deadline, and the weeks prior to it, usually brings out an uproar of activity for many teams. Teams are either making a final push to secure a playoff spot or hoping to go deep into the playoffs attempt to trade to acquire key veterans or goal scorers in order to fill empty spots in their rosters.

“The NHL trade line is one of my favorite parts of the season. Hearing the trade rumors and seeing who goes where and who gets what,” senior Michael Scott Osenbach said.

Teams that are rebuilding with younger players may be willing to trade away their more expensive players in order to free up salary cap space and get draft picks/prospects in return as well as getting cheaper players with more potential.

“Teams always kind of go into desperation mode when they’re right on the outside of the playoff picture and are looking forward to the future and getting good, young prospects on entry level contracts so they can get them without taking a huge salary-cap hit,” Osenbach said.

Players on playoff-contending teams who are injured or who are not able to return for the current season may be offered to teams that are rebuilding because they will be of no value or use to a team’s playoff push.

“Everyone wants to win the cup; it’s not like football, where you have your own trophy. It gets taken from you every year before playoffs, and you have to fight to get it back.  You have to potentially play twenty-one games to bring the cup back to your city,” sophomore Brodrick Allen said.

Prospects in the current season that may be of value to another team for future seasons could potentially be traded as well, even players that are not in the NHL.

“There are a ton of young guys that are on some of the farm teams in the OHL or the QMJHL.  They are probably going to light it up in the NHL.  Tons of promising guys are coming up,” senior Gary Gabriel said.

Also, players who are about to become unrestricted free agents and have indicated that they do not intend to return to their current teams may be traded away so that those teams will get something in return instead of seeing such players sign with another team while their former teams receive nothing.

“The deadline is so exciting because it’s not just no-name players that no one has ever heard of being traded. Guys that are ‘hometown heroes’ and fan favorites get traded every year,” Gabriel said.

The Philadelphia Flyers traded arguably one of their top defensemen, Kimmo Timonen, to the Chicago Blackhawks. The Flyers acquired two draft picks for Timonen, who was injured frequently over the season.

“You never want to see a guy like Kimmo get traded because he plays solid defense and is a leader on and off the ice for the team. He was a good veteran.  He just had trouble staying healthy, and that kept him out of the lineup. I wish him the best of luck in Chicago.  It’s a great hockey city, and he’ll be playing with some of the best forwards in the league.  They’ll make a solid run for the cup,” Allen said.

The NHL trade deadline was on 2 March at 6:oo p.m. eastern time. At that time, any player traded after the deadline was ineligible to play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs if their team makes it.

“I’m ready for some playoff Hockey; it’s the best,” senior Lizzay Faust said.

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