Prom Moved From “Shady Maple” To “Shady Cafeteria”

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Fleetwood’s 2015 prom will now be held in the cafeteria instead of Shady Maple.

This was decided on 19 February 2015. The decision was between the student council staff, employees here at Fleetwood, and the owners of Shady Maple.

Prom will now be in the cafeteria due to lack of funds.  This problem was due to not having enough money to pay for Prom. Students simply did not raise enough money to cover the cost.

Students have been very upset hearing about this.

“Prom is always so much fun, and now I feel like it’s not going to be as fun as last year. I wish there was a way that we could get everyone to raise more money so we could have prom somewhere nice. I won’t be showing up to prom if it’s in the cafeteria,” senior Emily Smith said.

“Prom was so much fun last year, and now this is my senior year, and it’s going to be in the cafeteria. I’m actually really upset about this and wish it wasn’t,” senior Sarah Jones said.

Another option was to use the money students had saved to have prom somewhere other than Shady Maple.

Unfortunately, after everything was discussed, everyone thought it would be better to just have it in the cafeteria and spend the money on something else.

“Prom should be held somewhere really pretty and not in a cafeteria where everyone eats lunch every day. I hope this gets changed soon,” junior Sam Gully said.

“I think the money that we do have saved should go to decorations for prom and not to something else,” said senior Joey Gain.

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