PIAA High School Football Moved to Spring Season

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The biggest news in Pennsylvania sports is soon to be revealed to the public.  Pennsylvania high school football is set to move from a fall sport to a spring sport in 2017. It will be a huge change, but it seems to most people that it will be a positive change. The main focus is attracting more fans, and the shift will help students get recruited easier, as college teams will be in their off-season.

Since football will be moved to the spring, it will add some extra motivation for students to finish the school year on a good note. It will also get more students to attend the game as the hype for summer break keeps building.

It seems that students are happier the closer it gets to break, so they will be more inclined to attend the games and give it a good atmosphere. Plus, people would rather sit outside and watch a game in the warm weather rather than the cold.

“I think it will probably have positive effects on high school football in the long run,” senior running back Tyler Emge said.

This philosophy seems to be similar to the thoughts of many people in charge of high school football in Pennsylvania.

This change will surely also have a positive effect on recruiting and make it easier for college coaches to go watch their recruits in person. College coaches are very busy in the fall during their season. So, if high school football is moved to the spring, it will make it more relaxed for the coaches to find their recruits.
“I think it will make the season more fun and make it easier for high school players to get seen by coaches,” senior quarterback Zach Koenig said.

Hopefully, all of this holds true through its debut season in 2017. Pennsylvania is the first state in America to make this change, and officials are hoping other states will follow in PA’s successful footsteps in the near future.

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