Miller and Harter Are February’s Students Of The Month

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The Students of the month for the month of February were Seniors Cassie Harter and Andrew Miller.

Cassie Harter is a stand-out student at Fleetwood and works very hard on her grades. It’s paid off, as she was selected by her teachers to be one of Fleetwood’s Students of the Month.

Cassie plans to attend college in the 2015 fall semester.

Andrew Miller, who goes to BCTC to study Automotive Technology, earned this award also. He is the son of Andrew Thomas Miller, Sr. His teachers felt like he was the best student out of the 2015 class for this month, and that is why he has been honored with this award.

This fall, Andrew intends to look for a job in his field of expertise.

Unlike Cassie, Andrew just moved to Fleetwood Area School District this year, as he was previously enrolled at Pottsville Area School District.

These students can now park their cars in the designated student-of-the month parking spots that are colored in red and white and located near the side of the school.

“I feel surprised that I won this award, and I think I won this award because of my hard work,” Miller said.

The two students who won this month’s student-of-the month represent Fleetwood in a positive way.

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