Weidenhammer Welcomed in Fleetwood

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Dawson Weidenhammer attends the Fleetwood Area School District. This is his first year at Fleetwood. He went to Brandywine for four years before coming to Fleetwood.

“I like it here at Fleetwood,” Weidenhammer said.

His favorite activities are basketball, skating, riding bike, and swimming. Weidenhammer likes to swim at his aunt’s house and at the public pool whenever he can.

“I have known Dawson for two years, and we met at the park and got really close,” former student Greg Ceykovsky said.

Dawson loves to play basketball. He doesn’t play for the school, but he plays out of school with his friends at the park.

“I met Dawson at the park, and I have known him for about two years,” Brandywine freshman Brecken Adams said.

Weidenhammer attends BCTC in the mornings. He goes for mechanics. He plans to get a job and eventually be able to afford a house.

“I met Dawson at tech, and he was a really cool guy,” Oley junior Kohl Schaffer said.

Dawson Weidenhammer does fairly well in school. He stays after whenever he can to try and get help. He works very hard in math and tries to excel in everything he does. He also loves accomplishing goals that he sets for himself.

“Since transitioning to a flipped classroom in algebra II, Dawson has benefited more than any other student. He has become more an overall better student. He became more confident in his abilities mathematically and is a pleasure to have in class,” mathematics teacher Ronald Flicker said.

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