Fleetwood Students Visit Sky Zone

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Fleetwood Area High School members from the elective classes Business Leadership, Sports and Entertainment Management, and the after school club FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) went on a class trip to Sky Zone in Lancaster, PA, on Thursday, 26 March.

Thirty-nine members from the elective classes and the club went to Lancaster, where Sky Zone is located, to meet with the owner.

The day began with the students being allowed to jump for half an hour. After the jump time, there was a presentation and a Q & A with the owner, followed by one last half hour of jumping time for the thirty-nine students.

The reason the students went to Sky Zone was so they could learn about what it was like to own a company.

They had a wonderful time being there and learning the business of owning a company.

A lot of the kids really liked the owner and enjoyed what he had to say about owning a business and what it is like.
They thought it was surprising that the owner paid $60,000 just to obtain the franchise name.

He is in the works of opening two more Sky Zone parks in Maryland. The cost will be $40,000 each for the name. They are also opening one in Allentown, PA.

“It was really fun to go to Sky Zone and get out of school too. I liked meeting the owner and jumping with my friends. It was a really good day, and I would love to go on my own time.  The owner was really cool and nice about everything. Maybe I would have my own business one day,” sophomore Sydney Lobb said.

“I really liked going to Sky Zone and jumping. It was a really fun field trip, and I liked meeting the owner too. It was overall a really great day, and I would definitely want to go again sometime,” sophomore Lexi Nowotarski said.

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