New Styles for Summer Fashion in 2015

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Black is the new black. 2015 summer fashion is different than any other season. There are so many new styles for the warm weather coming up. Skirts, jeans, and black are at a new high for this year. There is also a blend of bright colors on tops and shoes. Black boots and heels are in this year as well.

“I like to wear shorts, t-shirt, and sandals with socks,” technology education teacher John Heck said.

According to Glamour, off-the-shoulder tops are very popular this time around. They are mainly in top stores, such as Victoria’s Secret and Forever 21. Sandals are also very popular this year. It’s a new trend with high wasted shorts and a crop top.

“I would wear a pleated romper, sandals, and dangly earrings. I love to shop at Forever 21,” sophomore Kirsten Noll said.

Brandy Melville is a very popular brand. Plaid, black, grey, and white are the big colors. Crop tops, high-wasted shorts, and ripped jeans are common for this brand. Most women wear Docs; this is a leather boot sold at top-brand shoe stores, such as Journeys. Vans and Toms are also a very popular shoe that is common girls wear.

“I wear white Converse, high-wasted shorts, with a flowy crop top. I love to shop at Forever 21,” junior Katie Eckert said.

Denim jeans and jackets with a black t-shirt is an outfit for Vogue. Olive green jackets are sky-high this year for teens. It can be worn as an accessory with a grey t-shirt and light ripped jeans with Doc boots.

There are so many new swimsuits for this year’s 2015 summer fashion. The Marilyn Monroe look was a top trend this year. High-wasted swimsuit bottoms are in this season. Swimsuits can be sold at Victoria’s Secret and Aerie. The triangle swimsuit from Victoria’s Secret is extremely popular. It comes in a wide variety of neon colors.

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