Fleetwood Baseball Expects a Strong Season

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The Tigers are expected to place second under Berks Catholic in their division and place in playoffs. With their senior ace pitcher graduating last year, Clay Weidemoyer, among other senior pitchers, the underclassman are going to need to play a bigger role on the team.

“I’m looking forward to coming back from college and watching my old team play baseball. I can’t wait to see the type of team they will have this year. A great group of guys are leading that team, and hopefully they lead them to the right things this year,” former student and pitcher Clay Weidemoyer said.

Frankie Talarico, Zach Koenig, and Jared Adam joined the Tigers for their senior year. Jared Adam has returned from a shoulder injury. These three seniors, along with the freshmen, will be a nice addition to the Tigers and may help them find their way to another County Championship.

“I’m excited to play at least one year of high school baseball with my older brother Ty. I know I’m a freshman, but out on the field, that doesn’t matter. We all need to come together and focus on the positive this season, and take on one game at a time,” freshman Luke Emge said.

Tyler Emge, Jared Adam, and Jake Wapinsky are the team captains this year. Tyler was also a team captain last year along with Clay Weidemoyer. They were great team leaders and Tyler will bring that great leadership over to this season along with his fellow team captains, Jared and Jake.
The pitchers this year are Ryan Scepansky, Jake Wapinsky, Zach Koenig, Frankie Talarico, Ryan Miller, Bryce Hawkins, and Ryan Raudenbush. The Tigers should be pretty decent with the pitching they have this year.

They also have an unstoppable outfield.  In right field, there is Frankie Talarico and Zack Koenig (when they’re not on the mound), Tyler Emge at center, and Jake Wapinsky at left (when he’s also not on the mound).

The infield seems to be pretty solid too. At third base is Ryan Miller, shortstop Edgar Cruz, second base Aaron Dewald, and first base Duncan Cahalan. The team’s main catcher, who is back from an injury last year, is Jared Adam.

The Tigers sound like they should have a pretty successful season ahead.

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