German Exchange Student Ninja Lehman Visits Fleetwood

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Ninja Lehman was a German exchange student from Hessen, a town in Germany. She stayed with sophomore Alexa Wagner for a month. They visited Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and New York during her stay.

“Alexa has been fun to stay with,” Lehman said.

She enjoyed her stay in America very much, but she does miss her friends a lot.

The time difference is six hours ahead in Germany, but she didn’t have a hard time trying to adapt to the change.

Her favorite color is blue. She enjoys playing soccer, listening to music, going outside, going to the cinema, and eating her favorite food (strawberries). Her favorite German food is called currywurst. It is sausage with curry ketchup on it, and it is served with fries. Lehman is an only child and felt homesick, but Alexa is making her feel at home.

Lehman’s favorite subject in school is Physical Education. The school’s hours, and the schools in general, are very different in Germany. For example, the kids stay in one room all day, and the teachers change. They stay with the same kids all year. Her bus comes at 6:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, and it takes her one hour to get to school on her bus. On Mondays and Thursdays she goes to school until 5:00 p.m. Fridays, she goes to school until 3:30, and the rest of the week she goes to school until 1:10 p.m. On Thursday, she has two gym classes. In Germany, they do not have baseball or softball. In school, she takes English and French, but she is more fluent in English.

The main difference between Germany and America is the grocery stores. Lehman was very surprised by how much bigger they are here. She also realized that the names here are also much different than in Germany.
Lehman is very thankful that she was able to experience this trip to America.

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