Masenheimer and Schappell Named April’s Students of the Month

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April’s students of the month are seniors Matt Masenheimer and Haley Schappel.

After Matt Masenheimer graduates, he plans to attend Temple University for music education.  In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and penny boarding when the weather is nice.

In school, Masenheimer is involved in all of Fleetwood’s musical groups, including band, orchestra, chorus, and the high school musical.  He plays the saxophone, bass, guitar, and piano.  He has also been a member of District 10 and Region V Chorus.

Schappell plans to attend Rowan University to major in Biomedical engineering.  She is planning to earn a Bachelor’s degree.

“I eventually hope to design robotic prosthetics or work on designing new medical technology,” Schappell says.

Schappell played soccer all four years of her high school career and plans to continue playing sports in college.

“Out of all the subjects in school, I’d have to say my favorite is Chemistry, but I do love all of my science classes,” Schappell said.

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