Random Cheese: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Prom?

Posted on May 15, 2015 by


“Getting dressed; I’ve never been to prom before,” junior Carly Decembrino said.

“Getting to dance and have fun with all my friends,” junior Brooke Scheaffer said.

“Hang out with friends,” junior Jake Feick said.

“Getting dressed up, hanging out with my cool cats,” senior Thaddeus Cornick said.

“Excited for the dancing,” senior Gary Gabriel said.

“Getting dressed up and seeing all my friends for one last run at prom,” senior Matt Hook said.

“Seeing everyone all dressed up and having a good time,” senior Shelbi Heffner said.

“The process of getting ready for prom is my favorite,” senior Delaney Karpeuk said.

“Seeing everyone looking nice and dancing with all my friends,” junior Emily Moyer said.

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