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Random Cheese: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Winter?

November 1, 2017 by


“Honestly, I hate winter because it’s all cold and stuff, and I hate the cold and stuff,” senior Josh Nasados said. “Snow,” sophomore Emily Logar said. “Snowboarding,” senior Nicole Rohall said. “Lord of the Rings marathons,” senior Leah Conrad said. “Nothing,” senior Zach Warren said. “Sports,” sophomore Trent Gehringer said. “Snow,” sophomore Callie Barr said. […]

Random Cheese: What Is Your Biggest Fear?

March 30, 2017 by


“Student loans,” Shawn Bessey said. “Spiders,” Seth Wagner said. “Unglazed donuts,” Nick Carlin said. “Snakes,” physical education teacher Eric Jonassen said. Mrs. Castiglioni- “Thousand leggers,” Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Nancy Castiglioni said. “Something bad happening to my children,” office secretary Stacey Maurek said. “Failing in life,” Broderick Allen said. “Kool-Aid Man,” Tristan Spannuth said. […]

Random Cheese: What Would You Do If You Only Had One Day to Live?

March 28, 2017 by


“Spend time with family and children,” English teacher Ms. Debra Mahnken said. “Figure out the craziest way to die and do it,” senior Sydney Lobb said. “Steal a private jet and travel the world,” senior Lexi Nowotarski said. “Make sure everyone knows how much I appreciate them,” junior Chantel Cobb said. ”Skydive and spend time […]

Random Cheese: What are you going to miss most about high school when you graduate?

February 1, 2017 by


What are you going to miss most about high school when you graduate? “I’ll miss Mr. Houp,” senior Tristan Spannuth said. “I’ll miss my friends and high school sports,” senior  Lexi Nowotarski said. “Soccer,” senior Sydney Lobb said. “I’ll miss my friends,”senior Katie Jones said. “Doing adult things for the first time,” English teacher Ms. Debra […]

Random Cheese: What is Your Prediction For Best Picture?

January 26, 2017 by


What is your prediction for Best Picture at the 89th Academy Awards? “La La Land,” senior Daffeny Wolf said. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” senior Max Pavlick said. “La La Land,” junior Laura Kaskey said. “La La Land,” junior Audrey Agnew said. “Moana,” junior Maya Evans said.

Random Cheese: What is your favorite Winter Activity?

January 2, 2017 by


“I like to ski. I like to feel the snow blow by my nose,” senior Thayjas Patil said. “I like snowboarding,” senior Tyler Redding said. “Trying not to be cold,” senior FaithAnn Scanlan said. “Sit on my couch, look outside, and wait for spring,” senior Carl Fortna said. “Snowboarding, playing video games, or engaging in […]

Random Cheese: If You Could Have Any Pet, Legal or Otherwise, What Would It Be?

December 6, 2016 by


“A great white shark,” junior Peter Procak said. “A finger monkey,”sophomore Chloe Campbell said. “A white tiger,” sophomore Maddy Daniels said. “An eagle,” junior Shawn Bessey said. “A baby raccoon,” senior Tristan Spannuth said. “A funny monkey,”social studies teacher Mrs. Dina Heffner said. “A python,” senior Shane Burt said. “A moose,” teacher Mrs. Candace Hall […]