Florida is Favorite Vacation Spot for Fleetwood

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Summer is right around the corner, and families are starting to plan their vacations. A lot of families go to the same vacation spots every year as a family tradition. A survey went around Fleetwood Area High School.  Students were asked where they go on vacation–or, if they don’t go on vacation, where they would want to go.

This survey included Ocean City, New Jersey; Wildwood; Ocean City, Maryland; Florida; and South Carolina. The top two vacation spots were South Carolina and Florida. South Carolina had a total of 77 votes, and Florioda had a total of 97 votes.

“I love going to South Carolina. A lot of my family members live there, and my mom, brother, and I always spend so much time down there over the summer. I like it so much that I’m going to school in South Carolina this coming fall, and I can’t wait!” senior Kae Huang said.

South Carolina has many beaches at which a lot of people vacation. Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, and also North Myrtle Beach are some of the most popular ones.

Florida seemed to be the most popular around Fleetwood. Florida’s most popular beaches are Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach. Florida is also very popular because of Walt Disney World. A lot of families enjoy going to Disney world, although a lot of families would prefer to go to Florida just to go to the beaches.

“I’ve never been to Florida’s beaches, but I’ve been to Disney World, and the next time I go to Florida, I hope I go to one of the beaches,” senior Dana Snyder said.

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