Fleetwood Students Vote on Favorite Summer Outfits

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Put your winter clothing away and start unpacking the shorts and t-shirts! With the warm weather finally arriving after a brutal winter season, people are starting to enjoy the sunshine on their skin.

“I can’t wait until school’s out and I can wear my cute summer dresses and just sit outside all day and enjoy the warm sun and get a nice tan,” senior Athena Breneman said.

A survey went out to students on about their favorite summer outfits. The results were not that surprising. The choices were summer dress, shorts and a tank, sport shorts and a t-shirt, and also a bathing suit. A summer dress earned 79 votes, shorts and a tank received 102 votes, sport shorts and a t-shirt earned 50 votes, and the bathing suit acquired 25 votes.

“I voted for the summer dress. I love wearing dresses during the summer because they are just so flowing and light and just perfect for the hot summer days,” senior Dana Snyder said.

Shorts and a tank were voted as the favorite summer outfit with 102 votes.

“I voted for shorts and a tank. I love wearing a nice pair of shorts with a tank during the summer. I get a nice tan, and I stay cool,” junior Jake Wapinsky said.

A summer dress was voted second most popular outfit for the summer.

“I like to wear dresses during the summer, especially at the beach. Sun dresses are my favorite. I can’ wait to go dress shopping soon since the warm weather is finally here!” senior Kae Huang said.

“I can’t wait to go swimming. I basically live in my swim trunks during the summer. I also like to wear shorts and a tank so my big arms get some sun,” junior Jake Feick said.

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