NFL Player Asks Girl to Prom

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Prom is in season, and “promposals” are the big thing right now. Every girl wants to be asked to prom in a cute way. One girl received an extra special promposal.

Eighteen-year-old Khameyea Jennings is currently battling cancer. Carrying a big bouquet of red roses, Jacksonville Jaguar player Sen’Derrick Marks asked Jennings to her prom.

“I think seeing professional players ask a girl to prom is the cutest thing ever,” senior Kae Huang said.

Marks surprised Jennings when she was in her hospital room at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. He asked Jennings the big question, while Jennings was still in shock. The star football player ran all of this by Jennings’ mother first to make sure it was okay.

“This was one of the cutest promposals I have seen. I would be in disbelief is something like this ever happened to me,” senior Cyre Virgo said.

Sen’Derrick Jennings walked into the hospital room and said, “I heard you have a prom this weekend, and I wanted to know if I can take you to prom.”

Sen’Derrick’s surprise visit was part of Dreams Come True, which is a program that helps children in Florida who are battling life-threatening illnesses.

“When I saw this, I was immediately emotional.  This was amazing,” senior Irene Licari said.

This sort of thing has been happening a lot recently due to prom season. Players don’t only do this during prom season. There are many occasions when players will visit people with cancer or other life-threatening diseases. Also, just recently, Emmanuel Acho from the Philadelphia Eagles asked a girl to her prom.

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