Fleetwood’s First Annual Mini Thon Goal $5,000

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Mini-Thon is an event that raises money for pediatric cancer. All of the proceeds go to children with cancer.

A lot of places have their own version of Thon, Penn State being the largest. Penn State recently raised $13.34 million in their 46-hour long Thon. They had 700 students come out to support and raise money for the kids. Since 1997, students at Penn State have raised over $100 million in donations to fight pediatric cancer.

Fleetwood Area High School held its first ever Mini-Thon this year. It was on 15 May from 2:30-9:00 p.m. Its goal was to reach $5,000 at this year’s Thon, including all the donations and fundraisers being held by the school.

“I think it’s awesome that Fleetwood is getting involved with Thon. I also think everyone should come because it’s for a great cause,” senior Sarah Herrera said

At the Mini-Thon, the events that took place include a dodge ball tournament, a volleyball tournament, a knockout challenge, open dancing, and much more. You can check out all the events and fundraisers on Fleetwood’s Mini Thon twitter: @TigersMiniThon.

The whole point of Thon is that no one can sit down. Participants usually run all night and some even longer. Since this is Fleetwood’s first year of Mini-Thon, the team thought it would be a good idea to start small and build on it.

“This will be a great event, and I think more people should get involved and come to Thon,” senior Cyre Virgo said.

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