Seven Dead, Hundreds Injured after Derailment in Philly

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On Tuesday, 12 May 2015, a train on its way to New York was derailed in Philadelphia. The train was en route from Washington with 238 passengers and five crew members.

More than two hundred people were injured in the wreck, and the death toll recently grew to seven people. The train left everyone in a dark mess a bit after nine o’clock p.m.

“It’s a devastating scene. There are many first responders out there. They are working. They are examining the equipment, seeing if there are any more people in the rail cars,” Robert Sumwalt of the National Transportation Safety Board said.

The speed limit just before the turn, where the train was derailed, is 70 mph. The speed limit in the turn is 50 mph.

Jillian Jorgensen, 27, who was seated in the second passenger car, explained that the train was moving “fast enough for me to be worried.” She said that this was right before the train was moving to the right, and then the train flew off the tracks. Jorgensen then went on to say that she “flew across the train”.

Hospitals were treating more than 200 people and over 10 of those people were rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

“It was terrifying and awful, and as it was happening it just did not feel like the kind of thing you could walk away from, so I feel very lucky,” Jorgensen said.

This accident was not too far from the place where a 1943 train accident occurred, killing seventy-nine people. The 1943 accident was much more devastating; as of now, there have only been seven confirmed deaths in the recent derailment.

“I feel sorry for everyone involved, and I’m praying for them,” junior Hunter Zagorski said.

People have been hunting the wreck for a bit of time now, looking for more bodies, alive or dead.

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