Normil Named Prom Prince

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Kerby Normil was nominated for Prom Prince this year for Fleetwood’s prom. The students pick the top five students to run for their class, and he was one of them.

Kerby is nineteen and attends Fleetwood Area High School. He was not even planning to go to prom.

Because Kerby was not planning on going to prom, he did not have a tuxedo or flowers or even a ticket to prom.

Kerby’s mom was ecstatic.

Men’s Warehouse decided to donate a tuxedo for Kerby, and Groh Flowers donated flowers for him and another student, John Oliveras. The tickets were paid by the junior class.

The van driver that drives these students from school and to school was more than happy to take them to Shady Maple in Lancaster County.

The entire plan was organized in one school day.

Kerby and John said it was the best time of their senior year.

Kerby was social all night, and he would not leave the dance floor. He even took the microphone and started rapping.
When the prom prince, princess, king, and queen were chosen, Kerby won in a landslide.

“I can’t wait to go to prom again next year,” Kerby said.

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