Field of Screams Scares

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Field of Screams is a famous horror attraction located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The amount of blood, screams, and occasional chainsaws is jaw dropping. It is America’s number one Haunted Attraction.

Field of Screams is fully operated by volunteers. Each night they have a host talk to the guests.

Alexander Diaz was the host one of the nights. He is a hip-hop dancer who finds a love for the screams. He has been attending the haunting event but has only been an actor of the attraction for this current season.

Many makeup artists that are fully trained in making the alive look dead are much needed, as are the various actors that put the screams in the Field of Screams.

There are several attractions, some of which are in buildings that you walk through in pure darkness, with people coming at you from every corner.

The favorite of new features is the Haunted Hayride. In a group, people think they are safe, but with the various clowns and other spooks, there is no way of thinking that you are completely safe, especially when they pull the wagon full of hay into a closed shed where the screams really take place.


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