Reporter Bio–Skorpan Erikkson

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SkorpanErikksonSkorpan Erikkson is an eighteen-year-old exchange student born in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden. She came to America through AFS, an organization for exchange students to come to our country. She has such a love for adventure that she is willing to repeat her senior year when she returns to Sweden in July. Skorpan claims she may also have had bad judgement when it comes to choosing countries to visit. Along with speaking Swedish and English, she also is fluent in Spanish, French, Norwegian, and Danish. She is unsure of what her future plans are for college, but she is positive she wants to go, considering it is free in Sweden. She decided to take Journalism because it seemed like a better option than Sales and Advertisement, and she considers being a journalist as a future career possibility. When asked how she’d like to be remembered, she stated that she hasn’t planned on dying soon, so she hasn’t had a chance to think about it. If she isn’t listening to Veronica Maggio, she can be found skyping her friends and family back in Sweden.

By Adam Buonasera

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