Random Cheese: What Did You Think Of Homecoming?

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Photo used with permission from (c) Anne Hornyak

Photo used with permission from (c) Anne Hornyak

Senior Katie Werner: “I think it was rigged.”
Senior Zack Wanner: “Best homecoming we had so far!”
Junior Kyle Keirstead: “If it weren’t for juniors misusing the stress balls, they would’ve won.”
Senior Liz Walrond: “What is homecoming? Wait, who’s coming home?”
Math teacher Mr. John Perry: “Overall, from what I experienced, it was fun. I liked the fish hallway.”
Senior Thomas Messina: “Why wasn’t there a dance?”
Senior Malori Heffner: “The events that took place were fun, and I had a good time.”
Senior Alex Kitixis: “I feel our skit went really well.”
Freshman Lydia Heffner: “The freshman shouldn’t have won.”
Senior Thayjas Patil: “The coldness in many hearts and the chill of the night could not diminish the warmth of Hopey’s glory.”


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