SATs Set To Change In March 2016

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Many have heard of the major changes coming to the SATs and PSATs in March. There are several changes. The scoring has changed as well as the essay.

Reading and math are still included in the test. A huge plot twist is an optional essay. Not only do the test administrators want to see bubbled-in answers, they want to see test takers support their answers as well.

The last change that happened to the test was back in 2005, when the essay was added and the scoring scale changed drastically.

Some admissions offices feel like the information that is needed for these tests is just too much, and that is why a change was needed. Students, teachers, and schools all around are preparing for this change.

Some people are thinking positively, and some are not panicking yet but would like to run in the other direction.

“I’m jealous because I have heard they don’t have to write an essay,” senior Danielle Pysher, who has already taken the test, said.

Many students have already lived through the old version.

“It makes me really mad because they have a choice to not do the essay, which is not fair to the rest of us who have taken it,” senior Shelby Dragon said.

Opinions are mixed for various reasons. This could mean that, if the test is made less difficult, students will have less difficulty getting into college.

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