Reading Hospital Hosts “Pink Power Night”

Posted on November 12, 2015 by


October was Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Reading Hospital hosted “Pink Power Night” for the twenty-first time to acknowledge the survivors of Breast Cancer and to spread awareness. It is a night to not only celebrate the strong people who survived but also a night to remember those who didn’t survive the battle.

This year’s Pink Power Night took place on 13 October.  Several professionals, including Michael Brown, Terrence Cescon, Michael Feightner, and Nick Leasure, were there to answer questions about breast cancer and also other types of cancer that usually affect women.

Annie Parker, a survivor of both breast and ovarian cancer, was one of the guest speakers and spoke about how the treatments have improved since her battle. She also spoke about the discovery of cancer being passed down through genes.

All in all, the night was very happy despite the sad topic and the few tears that were shed, but, most importantly, it spread awareness and knowledge.

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