“Take Me To” A Hozier Concert

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Andrew Hozier Byrne walked out onto the stage of Radio City Music Hall to an abundance of applause. He started strumming a lovely melody on his guitar that eventually turned it into his hit song, “Like Real People Do.” His aura stretched out across the stage and the velvet recliners that the audience sat in. Hozier’s incredible talent manipulated the crowd until they were swaying to the music.

Accompanying Hozier was his touring band, who was equally talented. His cellist, Alana Henderson, added a certain intensity to every song. She made a center-stage appearance alongside Hozier for his song, “In a Week,” which tells a tale about two lovers who long for each other posthumously while the worms eat away at their decomposing bodies. Although an odd topic for a song, Hozier jubilantly explains his reasoning behind writing it.

The talkative Hozier continues to get the audience involved in his set. From clapping to attempting to sheepishly sing along with the soprano notes that Hozier is able to reach, the audience could not help but want to sit down and chat with him post-concert.

Towards the end of the concert, Hozier performed his popular single, “Take me to Church.”

Radio City Music Hall reverberated with both Hozier’s voice and the five thousand in attendance. It was an emotional moment. Those who are familiar with the video could not help but think of how it depicts the brutality and discriminatory attitude Russia has towards their LGBTQ community.

Fleetwood Teacher Sean Gaston often listens to Hozier in his TV Studio during free periods.

“I’m extremely jealous of anyone who got to see him,” senior Maddie Wood said.

Hozier will be completing the rest of his tour all over the world and is expected to finish on 3 March at Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul.

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